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Our Digital Intelligence Agents are hand-picked for their strategic insight, gained through decades of experience in the field, and their ability to ruthlessly execute targeted digital tactics.

Tim Woodham

With a history of success in the cut-throat corporate world, Tim has all the credentials you’d look for in a digital strategist and web developer. Managing marketing and eCommerce projects for global corporates, with values in the billions, is not for the faint hearted. And it’s instilled in Tim the importance of accountability for every dollar invested in marketing. That’s why he’s committed to adding value, no matter what size company - or marketing budget - he’s working with.


These days, Tim chooses to focus his energy on helping small and medium businesses on the Gold Coast to invest wisely in digital marketing, delivering solutions that are fit for purpose and provide real results.

Julia Hubbard

Julia is a specialist in business marketing and promotion who understands businesses and how to reach them, regardless of their size or industry. Her in-depth knowledge of the business landscape will ensure your marketing and communication programs are targeted and effective.


Julia has more than 30 years of experience promoting business and industry in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. She has led the development of many business websites, so she understands how design and content must work together to provide a positive customer experience. Her communications have a strong impact, and she will help you speak clearly to your clients in ways that deliver results.


Trained in direct marketing and e-commerce, Helen is obsessed with delivering results. A scientist at heart, she loves gathering and implementing digital intelligence in the form of effective SEO and Google Ads campaigns.


With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Helen has worked with clients of all sizes, from sole traders to corporates. But no matter the size of business, her aim is always the same -  to deliver rigorously researched, Search Engine Optimised content that gets your website found on Google, and well-written words that reinforce your brand and communicate compelling messages to your audience

Kenny Weir

Kenny is a journalist with considerable experience as a writer and sub-editor for broadsheet newspapers. He also enjoys online blogging via his restaurant review blog,

A multi-skilled writer, editor, sub-editor, researcher and blogger with the ability to problem-solve, work to tight deadlines and work independently or in a team.

  • Proven ability to write high-quality copy in short timeframes

  • Excellent editing, proofreading and layout skills, including expertise in writing captions and headings

  • Excellent organisational and project management skills

  • Reliable and totally committed to obligations and responsibilities

  • Energetic, focused and task-oriented

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