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Introducing Julie Mauger - a Life Coach for Sum Sanos™.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hi guys, 

I want to introduce you to Julie Mauger. Julie is a Life Coach for Sum Sanos™.

Sum Sanos™ delivers discreet and personalised weight loss coaching programs - without you having to attend a public group, weigh-in or join a gym. And you are not required to subscribe to restrictive diets, shakes or supplements.

Trying to break old habits and lose weight on your own requires too much willpower. Research shows you lose TWICE as much weight with support. 

Julie is a qualified life coach equipped to help you through the program and keep you on track!

For more information about this scientifically proven program, please visit, proudly created by Cleveronline using WIX.

Cheers, Tim. 😎


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About Sum Sanos™

Sum Sanos™ - when translated from Latin to English - means I am healthy. 

They use the newest scientific research to help people lose weight and achieve lifelong wellness.

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1768 / 1 Rialto Quay Drive, Hope Island, 4212, Queensland.   

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