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We Deliver Results - case study: Echo Hair

We target multiple keyword phrases for, including:

"Organic colour labrador" - Google ranking = 1.1 

"Organic colour Southport" - Google ranking = 1.1


In June 2022:

  • 1540, people saw Echo Hair's profile on Google. 

  • 79 people visited the website.

  • 31 people called Kelly (by clicking the phone link). 

  • 13 people asked Google for directions to Echo Hair (by clicking the map link).

  • 11 of that 13 came from Southport (area code 4717). So, we have extended the reach of Echo Hair beyond Chirn Park / Labrador and into Southport. 

However, this did not happen overnight; it took months of hard work.

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Search engine-optimised content is what gets your website found on Google.

In reality, good web design and copywriting are equally essential for online success. Slick web design with feeble content isn’t going to impress your website visitors for long. And there’s no designer in the world who can fool Google.


Search engine-optimised content is what gets your website found on Google. And rigorously researched, well-written content is how you communicate your message to your audience. Good content talks to your customers in their language, in a style that reinforces your brand values, and in a compelling way that persuades them to do business with you.


Design alone doesn’t sell. And content alone seldom gets noticed. But when they work together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

The Big Search Engine Optimisation Secret...

And before you go, we’ll let you in on a secret. Believe it or not, SEO is no longer a mysterious black art practised by bedroom-dwelling geeks. Search Engine Optimisation is user optimisation. Google wants to offer the best results to the people doing the searching. Google prefers pages that load quickly, with relevant, original, engaging, and trustworthy content. So combining a targeted SEO strategy with rock-solid web development and website content is critical to your website’s success.

If that’s the kind of digital intelligence you’re looking for, contact Cleveronline today. 

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