SEO for Gold Coast businesses

Targeted, efficient SEO services that put your business in front of the right people, not just any people


There’s a minefield of misinformation surrounding Search Engine Optimisation. Which makes it extremely difficult to choose a reputable SEO agency, because it’s hard to know who to trust.


Nothing in SEO is ever guaranteed. So if you hear that word in relation to SEO services, run. Run as fast as you can. Run to the CIA - a guaranteed-BS-free zone (that’s the only thing we can guarantee).


We can also tell you that reaching one red-hot, ready-to-buy prospect is infinitely more valuable than reaching 100 people who are never going to be interested in what you’re selling. So rather than getting warm fuzzies over the hundreds of hits your website is getting, our SEO services focus on how to put your business in front of the people most likely to buy from you. It’s more efficient, more effective, and a far more intelligent use of your marketing budget.

The Big Search Engine Optimisation Secret...

And before you go, we’ll let you in on a secret. Believe it or not, SEO is no longer a mysterious black art practiced by bedroom-dwelling geeks. Search Engine Optimisation is user optimisation. Google wants to offer the best results to the people doing the searching. Google prefers pages that load quickly, with relevant, original, engaging, trustworthy content. So combining a targeted SEO strategy with rock solid web development and website content is critical to your website’s success.

If that’s the kind of digital intelligence you’re looking for, contact Cleveronline today.