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Ecommerce experience

Managing marketing and eCommerce projects for global corporates with values in the billions is not for the faint-hearted. With a history of success in the cut-throat corporate world, Tim’s credentials make him an ideal digital marketer for managing complex eCommerce projects.


Here are some eCommerce solutions I have delivered in the past.


McDonald's Australia 

McDonald's Australia wished to engage their supplier community in eCommerce and sought fresh ideas to achieve this goal. 


In the project's initial phase, I surveyed the range of computer systems used by their supplier community. We found that larger suppliers would benefit from Business-to-business (B2B) messaging, while smaller ones would benefit from an eCommerce website. 


My eCommerce solution included:

  • A McDonald's branded website.

  • Hosting services.

  • Business-to-business (B2B) messaging.

  • Helpdesk support.

  • Community engagement services.


McDonald's engaged our Community Engagement Team to help recruit suppliers for the new eCommerce system. The community engagement process included sending out Supplier Information Packs, User Manuals, and outbound telemarketing to clarify options and answer questions.


The B2B messaging supported three file formats. Suppliers who could not participate using file-based messaging used the website instead. The McDonald's eCommerce website provided an online record of submitted invoices, which vendors could view, sort or print. 


The B2B messaging and eCommerce website provide complex validation and business rule processing, including verifying invoices against stores and cost centres via a Complex Cost Code matrix. 


Over 250 suppliers used the service, and 80% of McDonald's invoices were processed electronically. McDonald's Australia achieved significant cost savings after implementing the new eCommerce processes. 


McDonald's paid the Suppliers sooner, making them happier with the new process.

Toyota's Parts Division

I met with Nick, the IT manager of Toyota's Parts Division. 


During our meeting, I demonstrated the ecommerce solution I had developed for McDonald's Australia.


Nick expressed interest in having a similar eCommerce solution for Toyota. Specifically, he desired an eCommerce platform that would link all Toyota's third-party suppliers, such as Rhino Roof Racks and Kumho Tyres, to their dealer network. 


Additionally, he wanted the ecommerce solution to be integrated into their ERP system. 


Toyota's main objective was to speed up the installation of add-on parts for new vehicles, enabling them to offer cars to customers in just a few days, giving them a competitive edge.


Our final solution included a web portal for smaller customers and backend ERP integration for bigger customers.

Communication Tower

Securing the A$1.2 billion Telecom New Zealand account from IBM.

Tim’s successful marketing strategy at EDS secured the A$1.2 billion Telecom New Zealand account from IBM.

Under Tim's leadership, his team was recognised by the International Writing Association with a Golden Quill Award. 


During his eight-year tenure, the company's workforce grew from 350 employees to 2200, making it the largest and most profitable IT company in the country.

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