Case study - Echo Hair

In the middle of a pandemic, Echo Hair has taken on three new staff when many businesses have lost revenue. 


When Kelly purchased the business, two years ago, it was in decline. There was no website, very little social media and a low turnover. Nowadays, her websites receive thousands of visits every month, and she supports a vibrant, growing community via social media.


How did she do it? By focusing on organic treatments, training staff, keeping up standards and working with Cleveronline.



How did Cleveronline help Kelly? Put the search term "Organic colour Southport" into Google, and you will find Echo Hair on the top of the page. 

Excellent SEO case study.jpg

Now try "Organic colour labrador", and Echo Hair is, once again, top of the page. 

Excellent SEO case study Gold Coast.jpg

Although Echo Hair is based in Chirn Park, customers travel from Southport and Labrador for the Echo Hair experience.

We also built Kelly's website and Google profile, wrote her copy/blogs & provided marketing advice.


If you would like to be Clever Online, please contact Tim on 0439990429. 


P.S. please check out Echo Hair's website at www.echohair.com.au