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A new website and copywriting for Vergola Brisbane

Customers are core to Vergola Brisbane. But like any company, they need to keep up-to-date with the latest communication methods. 


To do that, they hired CleverOnline to build them a new website to:


  • Improve how they communicate with new and existing customers.

  • Add a social media feed. 

  • Improve their response to inquiries. 

  • Move them to the new Vergola corporate branding.



New intelligent contact form


Visitors can complete the new intelligent contact form to show they are interested in a: New build, Renovation, Patio upgrade or Service. Meaning Vergola Brisbane can quickly forward a customer query to the correct department.


An automated email reply lets customers know their message has been received and offers a link to Vergola Brisbane's brochure - which they can read online or download.


There are four franchised Vergola distributors in Queensland. The contact form asks the customer about their suburb. Suppose the customer is outside the franchise area for Vergola Brisbane. In that case, their inquiry can now be quickly forwarded to the correct franchise. 


Instagram feed


The new homepage includes an Instagram feed so visitors can see the latest projects. It also offers Vergola Brisbane a quick and easy way to update the website. When they post to Instagram – the website is automatically updated. 

Portal for architects, engineers and builders


The new website includes a portal for architects, engineers and builders that allows them to download technical documents.


To Register, commercial clients enter their credentials. Then an administrator approves access. 


The commercial members' area includes:


  • dedicated pages for downloads (PDFs),

  • an application allowing members-only access to our Dropbox account.

Vergola Brisbane dropbox page.jpg

Consistent branding


The new website uses the new branding of Vergola International so that local information matches corporate information.




Building long-lasting customer relationships


Vergola Brisbanes's post-build service is excellent, and they want to keep it that way. 


These innovations make Vergola Brisbane faster in responding to inquiries.

Vergola Brisbane hopes their improved communication channels will help continue its tradition of building long-lasting customer relationships.

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