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Before and after photos of a customer's website.

I have been doing some design work for Trish Purnell-Webb, a Gold Coast Clinical Psychologist.



Fixing the website - Part 1:

I noticed that your website header appeared cluttered, with some items overlapping, especially when viewed on an iPad. After several attempts to fix the header, I discovered that two headers were on top of each other, causing a technical disaster.

To resolve this issue, I deleted the headers. I created a new header using the WIX Advanced header, which is more flexible in its options and is separated from the website content. I also made the login icon smaller and moved it lower in the header menu. I reformatted the header for iPads and mobile phones.

I also moved the social media icons to the (temporary) footer on the homepage, which is their traditional place.

Fixing the website - Part 2:

I noticed that your website did not have a working footer, which is unusual. Upon further investigation, I found that a previous developer had attempted to create a manual footer that was malfunctioning. Therefore, I deleted it and got the official WIX footer working again.

I also moved the social media icons from the temporary footer into the WIX footer. Additionally, I found that many pages on your website are fixed in length, an old programming technique from the 1990s. Although I shortened them a couple of inches, the rest of the length is hardcoded. I suggest replacing these pages as you add new content to the website.

For more information about Trish Purnell-Webb - please visit:

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